We Answer Controversial Affiliate Marketing Questions | ClickBank Affiliate Marketing FAQs

If you have actually ever before questioned if associates are scammy, whether you can shield your brand name while beginning an associate program, or what brands are even suitable with associate marketing, this set is for you.

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ClickBank’s service development supervisors gather to go over a few of the inquiries they listen to typically when speaking to brand names seeking to create their initial affiliate marketing program. If you were ever curious concerning a few of the obstacles others have actually run right into when starting and also scaling their program, this episode was made just for you.

If you desire to hear Amber Spears talk about exactly how to discover as well as hire affiliates, Thomas McMahon interviews Spears about the worth, procedure, and also truth of dealing with top-tier associate online marketers ▸


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0:00 Intro
0:14 Are associates scammy?
1:49 How do I safeguard my brand name with associates?
5:50 Why pick an affiliate as opposed to an agency?
9:01 Which brands are the best fit for an associate program?
19:04 What if I simply want to experiment with associates?

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