Using Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Online Business? 6 Reasons Why NOT To Use Affiliates (2021)

Are associates ideal for your organization? Can you utilize them to market your item?

As an online marketer or a business owner, the threat of using associate advertising and marketing is low as well as the incentive can be high. You just need to pay affiliates when a customer transforms, not when they drive people to your website. Nevertheless, surrendering control of your advertising and marketing to affiliates has its threats …

Here are 6 Ways How to Run an Affiliate Program RISK-FREE:

1. Point Affiliate Traffic to New/Targeted Domains (far from branded sites).
2. Work out with Affiliates: Watch this video clip
3. Call For Affiliate Approval.
4. Pay Commissions Similar to your CPA on your Facebook Ads.
5. Employ an Affiliate Management Team!
6. Entrance Your Product in the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace.

0:00 – Intro.
0:45 – Risk: You Give Up Control.
2:33 – Risk: Traffic Isn’t Reliable.
3:39 – Risk: Low Barrier to Entry in Affiliate Marketing.
4:12 – Risk: Affiliates Aren’t Cheap.
5:07 – Risk: It’s Not Easy.
5:51 – Mitigate Risk: Gate Your Product.
7:12 – Outro.

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