How to Make Money Online today

How to Make Money Online Today

There are many approaches, strategies or ways on How to Make Money Online Today. We could make an exhaustive list on the ways, but my purpose is to Reveal to you One of the Proven Ways to Success online. This is a quick Summary of this Successful approach.

Choose Your Personal Interest or Passion!

This is where your can make a brainstorming List of Your passions, likes, hobbies, sports, jobs or interests. Do not judge or evaluate your ideas on this list, just quickly make a one, two or three word descriptions of your personal interests.

The secret to this approach is to Focus, Focus and Focus. Yes, your can pick one or a dozen likes, but start out by picking and focusing on just One at a time. With this one interest or like, start gathering information and facts on this interest.

Build a Website Blog on your Interest or Passion

Let’s assume your chose 7 favorite interest or passions. You could build 7 different websites.on each of these choices. However, start small and build your first website and not all 7 at one time. This experience of focusing on one website will help build your abilities to build better and more effective sites in the future.

If your do not know how to build a successful website or blog, we have training available to help your achieve this goal at no cost to you. Near the end of this post, I will give your directions on where to go in order to learn how to build websites.

Key Word Research for your Website Posts

Picking the right keyword that your can rank high on the search engines, is the secret to getting Free Traffic online. We have a tool for this called “Jaaxy”, which is a Keyword internet research Platform. You can try this platform with up to 30 free searches with no purchase obligation. Just look on the menu and click on the “Key Word Tool” of this website, for further information.

Granted, there are other search engine tools, but this one has the key information needed to obtain favorable ranking on the search engines like Google and Bing.


Original Content is King for Search Engine Rankings!

There are search engine penalties for duplicate content that is on more than one website. This is very easy to avoid by writing about your own interests in your own words. Your research on your ideas would be different from mine, even if we had the same interests.

Directions on writing original content for your site and keyword placement in your posts is found at Wealthy Affiliate. This site will also provide your up to two (2) Websites at no charge to yourself.


Focused content that you are interested in, that your write about and that you can easily publish on your own website with the right keywords is priceless. Keywords, that over time gains your increased traffic thus making your website popular. effective and useful for the World Wide Web.

With no traffic and interest you will join the list of millions of dead and useless non-effective websites. You can make your website effective and useful by joining the Wealthy Affiliate. This membership will help your accomplish your goals.

You might be asking yourself at this time, “Show Me The Money”.  Monitizing your website to make money is a huge topic and will be a featured post at this website  in the future/. Please stay tuned.