How to have the most success with travel affiliates

If you are wondering what it takes to successfully monetize travel blogs now, but all you can find on the Internet is wailing over the end of the travel industry for years to come, we are ready to combat these vibes.

Is it easy to turn to a travel blogging star in 2021? Nope. Has it ever been easy to turn to a travel blogging star? Nope.

The point is: what’s going on in the world now is temporary. The time to prepare for the return of travel traffic is limited. Use it!

Join us for a webinar with Sharon Gourlay, the founder of and one of the best experts in blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing. We’ll share the strategies for the future and uncover what’s working in travel now.

Sharon Gourlay, founder of
Serge Pitinoff, Business Development Manager, Travelpayouts
Olga Gachkova, Marketing Manager, Travelpayouts


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00:00 Introduction and news from Travelpayouts
5:10 How to have the most success with travel affiliates
10:42 The best affiliate marketing strategy
13:21 Affiliate marketing sweet spot
16:00 Why SEO?
17:19 What is a buying keyword?
19:46 Finding affiliate partners to hit the sweet spot
23:54 The best way to present affiliate links for more clicks
29:49 Learning and improving
33:57 What’s working right now in travel affiliate marketing
39:33 Further steps
45:00 What Travelpayouts is
48:30 Q&A

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