Fenner Affiliates Seminar Series: Resilience theory and its application

The Affiliates Seminars are an occasional series of occasions planned to showcase the variety of study rate of interests and activities of Fenner’s many visiting scientists, honorary personnel and emeriti.

Brian Walker – Resilience science and method”
Brian Walker was born in Zimbabwe, did his Ph.D. in Canada, was a speaker at the University of Zimbabwe, became a Professor at the University of Witwatersrand, after that Chief of CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology, as well as is currently a Research Fellow in CSIRO as well as an Honorary Professor at the Fenner School, ANU as well as an other of different academies.

Nick Abel – Resilience concept – an application in climate advocacy”
His current job is on financial as well as climatic change on Australia’s shore and also in the Murray-Darling Basin which develops on his study on human-wildlife-ecosystem interactions and also characteristics of pastoral systems. Nick’s understanding of social-ecological change has actually been grown by observation of radical adjustment in southern Africa, the UK as well as Australia which has guided his environment activism, for which he was imprisoned in 2021. Nick was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Kenya, as well as has worked in Ethiopia, Botswana, Somalia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and also Australia.

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