Bill Scavone, President and COO of Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc

Bill Scavone is sharing with us the rich history of Weichert Realtors and how Jim Weichert started the company in 1969 in Chatham, New Jersey and how he grew his business. And we grew this business methodically all the time, adding service after service, after service. All done with one in mind – People buy People before they buy services. It is always People first in our company! Secondly, we can only grow the business when you have good people. Jim is telling the story how he started with handing out his business cards throughout the town, asking to call him if someone wants to buy or sell. The business grew ever since. And now Weichert is in 43 states with over 500 offices with Weichert and Franchise with close to 20,000 agents between Weichert owned company and Franchise. The truth is – people buy people before they buy products or services, and it remains at Weichert. One of the add campaigns is “Invite us in, we bring results!” We care about customer experience. Are we delivering the best you can for our clients? Yes, that is our goal.
Jim Weichert pioneered the direction of “one stop shop”. It is not enough just to buy and sell. We can help with Mortgage, we have a Moving Company, that will move you anywhere in the United States. We can help with Tax Returns. If you look at it, we have a holistic business approach – if you we take care of your customers, they will take care of you.
The leadership at Weichert Realtors is superb. The passion, the knowledge, professional approach and very experienced. Coaching, education, investment in every manager and agent. Even with affiliates, we bring them in and slide them into our system, so they are masters!
We must bring people together. We find it valuable to bring people together, socializing – it’s fun! You must have fun at what you do. Most importantly you need to communicate, network, and learn from each other. We are organizing events not just on corporate level, but on office level. Our Office Managers are fantastic coaches, and they arrange activities that engage agents. The more engagement they have, the more activities they have, the better results agents get – more contracts they have! We also educate virtually as well, but nothing beats getting together, laugh and share, having a cup of coffee, tell the war stories, you really get more from that.
The events that we arrange in person are fabulous. We just had a Weichert Founders Day. We had several events throughout our territories simultaneously. People were very excited, dressed in yellow shirts, happy to meet again. The bigger the company is, the more difficult it is to keep the “family feel”, so we are proud that we can arrange networking events and bring Pennsylvania meeting New Jersey. You can see how the markets are different, but everybody has so much in common.
Bill has been in charge of Weichert Affiliates for 18 years now and he actually took it off the ground. We are in 43 states now, and the greatest thing is, something that I am proud of – we survey our affiliates every year and we get a score card – how we are doing with advertising, marketing, training technology coaching, branding, education, and our core values. The highest is Core Values. And the reason I am proud of it – you can fix technology and education, but you cannot fix Core Value. The most important about our Core Value – we do what we say we are going to do. When we get together it is a sense of pride – something that started with Jim Weichert giving out his business cards at the train station to something that is in 43 states and people are proud to wear the color yellow. I enjoy working with business owners, who are taking great pride in their business.
Everyone is visual! The professional photography and tours are a must. Matterport has been around for a while now. Our franchise owners have been using the technology from the very beginning. It is something different and sets us apart. You are raising your game. 3D provides the customer with the view that they want and they stay on your listing longer.
The main one is Fight Against Cancer. For over 20 years now we have golfing outing! I think we fill 3 golf courses. We raised over $20,000 just this August. But some of the things we do locally is Food Bank, Back to School Kids, we just did an event with Weichert Relocation Center “Walk for Hunger” and we do it across the country with our Affiliates. There are so many things we do! When you are a Realtor, you are part of the community and you are there to better the community.
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