Bad Azz Remembers the Numerous Killings of Death Row Affiliates – “I feel like Death Row [Records] has taken and shook up many lives it’s like, ‘Dang, what did we do this for … like, is this a document label or is it truly like a road gang?'” Negative Azz recalls during his disturbing account of his days at the notorious collective. “It was just a negative aura around that place that I just wished to leave … It simply makes you wan na escape and also never come back.”

According to Bad Azz and numerous various other Suge Knight affiliates, the guy behind the infamous document tag remains to have negative blood with most of the individuals that have actually been in his existence. “A great deal of people from Death Row are dead – a whole lot of people got eliminated,” Bad Azz terribly declares. The Cali rapper states that there were also numerous bad feelings surrounding Suge and his aptly-named service, and locates it strange to this particular day that TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes passed away after becoming involved with the man presently on trial for murder. “Left Eye had actually mosted likely to Death Row and also throughout that time while she was hanging around that situation – she may’ve also been authorized to Death Row when that took place – but she died,” he remembers.

Calling Suge’s present instance mildly “disturbing” because he understood him and also the slain Terry Carter being “awesome to a particular extent,” in the long run he just desires to put all of it behind him and also focus on his job. During the last half of the interview Bad Azz recalls a talk with a close friend that made him turn his life around, “his brand-new dope” songs, and also explains exactly how he desires individuals to see him currently as compared to his Death Row days. Figure out what he has in shop for his fans over.

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