Alpabiram affiliates II Full album II Official audio

This cd was launched in the year 2006. After virtually 14 years, the band currently re-names itself as “ALPABIRAM AFFILIATES”, which represents the development of its music as well as the team members.

Song checklist:
1. One great day (00:00:10).
2. Deuta ko laash (00:03:05).
3. Cacophony ko cacophony (00:06:58).
4. Eklo chu (00:10:00).
5. Kamaro (00:13:14).
6. AHA – aakashma jun tara (00:17:18).
7. Shanti (00:21:10).
8. Thaha thiyo (00:25:06).
9. Tukriyeko (00:28:35).

Alpabiram associates would such as to give thanks to all our audiences, family members as well as our good friends who sustained us and relied on our music.

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