60K Twitch Affiliates are Indefinitely Banned (and hundreds for DMCA!)

Without understanding the numbers, the amount of Twitch streamers do you think are suspended? Well, thanks to a recent change by Twitch, we can actually simplify as well as see just the number of banners are suspended, DMCA, or forever prohibited!

Thanks to CommanderRoot and Sullygnome for assisting with the data!

View the Partner suspension information right here: https://twitter.com/zachbussey/status/1488235664529313800

End up being a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ZachBussey/

TWITCH|| https://twitch.tv/zachbussey
TWITTER|| https://twitter.com/zachbussey
DISHARMONY|| https://discord.gg/QWNeFNa

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